Scholars Programme

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The Scholars programme provides training for classical ballet students from the age of 10 (Year 6 at school).

The programme focuses on the principles of movement, incorporating the definitions of technique as required in ballet, while embracing musicality and artistry. Classes are small and the ballet training is supported by allied subjects such as body conditioning. The level of technique and the frequency of classes increase annually to the age of 16 in preparation for the School’s full-time course. Student’s progress through a tiered structure is assessed each year and from Level 4 students participate in the Associates programme. Classes are held on a weekly basis for lower North Island students and students on the National Scholars programme visit NZSD at least once during each term to attend training.

The current Scholars fee depends on the number of hours each term and ranges from $203 to $261 per term at Level 1 (total 64 teaching hours for the year). There are six levels with an increasing number of hours at each level.  Progression beyond Level 2 is at the discretion of the School.

At Level 6, the fee per term ranges from $533 to $688 (total 174 teaching hours for the year).

Audition information

It is a class of basic content so that students can focus on how they are presenting their work in the best light. Applicants may be asked to demonstrate their favourite step, and general questions are sometimes asked of the group.

The day begins with registration, followed by a ballet class which is divided into age groups where necessary.

There is testing for skeletal alignment, along with flexibility, range of turnout and foot line. For example roll-ups and roll-downs, pointing and flexing feet.

No practiced solo performance is required.

We understand that this process can cause nerves and encourage students to learn from the audition process, dance from their hearts, and enjoy the experience.

How to Apply

Selection for the Scholars programme is by audition only. Preference will be given to students entering Year 6 at the beginning of 2025.

Students entering Year 9 or above in 2025 must audition for the Associates Programme and be accepted as a classical major before they can be considered as Scholar.

Those who have applied to attend auditions are requested to download and complete the form below, telling us why they wish to become a NZSD scholar. This form must be brought to the audition.

Applications to audition will open soon.


Project B was originally created by the RAD to inspire the next generation of male dancers.  The Project B Scholarship was created by the New Zealand School of Dance and the RAD New Zealand to assist talented young men who wish to extend their ballet training.

The underlying criteria for the scholarship are: young male applicants aged 10-16, who are already enrolled in RAD ballet classes and would not otherwise be able to afford enrolment in the NZSD Scholars Programme. The value of the sponsorship is $700.00, which contributes towards fees for the NZSD Scholars Programme and/or towards some travel costs.

Applicants can apply to use this scholarship as either a National or Wellington Scholar in 2025.

A scholarship committee assesses applications. The scholarship recipient will be announced after the Scholars Programme Auditions.

If you wish to apply to the Project B Scholarship and you are not a current NZSD Scholar, please ensure you complete both the Scholars application and the Project B Scholarship form below.

Applications will open soon.

For questions or further information about our Scholars Programme please contact us.