Tutors with passion and experience

Our tutors all draw on their impressive dance careers to develop the next generation of dancers with individual care and attention. The Board of Trustees, Professional Advisory Panel, staff and health practitioners, and supporters work together as a strong team with tutors and NZSD students towards this goal.


Tutors all focussed on getting the very best for each student throughout their full-time training.


Combined years of experience
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Studying in Wellington

The New Zealand School of Dance is based in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington – a beautiful city, alive with cosmopolitan culture and a creative atmosphere.

Nestled between a stunning natural harbour and tree-covered hills, Wellington is a small city with a big heart. It is the cultural capital of New Zealand, with art galleries, theatres, outdoor activities and hundreds of cafes and restaurants – all to be found in close proximity to the School.
For more information about what Wellington has to offer check the link below:
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Student Wellbeing

Supporting all students to reach their full potential

The School has support systems in place to assist students. A student support manager and a range of professionals are here to work with our students on optimising both their physical and mental health. This is about setting them up for successful and long careers.

We are very committed to the welfare of our students, and we love to see them thrive.
The New Zealand School of Dance has agreed to observe and be bound by the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 published by the Minister of Education. The code is available from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

New Zealand School of Dance - Self Review of Code of Practice

The NZSD supports the New Zealand Qualification Authority’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the New Zealand tertiary education sector. Illegal or unethical behaviour in the tertiary sector can be reported to NZQA. Click here to learn more.