Scholarships are available to help NZSD students with the cost of full-time training

Scholarships cover tuition fees only. They are offered on the basis of merit and need.

Only current Students will be considered for scholarships. The total amount provided depends on the student's artistic promise and attendance record, and on the financial circumstances of the student and their family.

Students receiving financial assistance must demonstrate good academic standing, exemplary attendance and consistent progress.

Several scholarships are provided by private donors

  • The Ballet Foundation of New Zealand Scholarship
  • Janet Berney Memorial Dance Scholarship
  • David Carson-Parker & Jeremy Commons Scholarship
  • Deane Dance Scholarship
  • Stephen & Beverley George Scholarship
  • Bernice McGough Memorial Scholarship
  • Katrina Todd Scholarships (classical & contemporary)
  • Barbara Webster Memorial Ballet Scholarship

These are available to New Zealand and Australian students who have successfully completed at least one year of study at NZSD.

The School also offers internally-funded scholarships.

Scholarship recipients are decided on by a panel comprising the director, pastoral care manager and an academic tutor. The panel identifies students who excel in all aspects of their study and meet the criteria surrounding the scholarship (i.e. hardship, gender, geographical location). The decision is agreed with scholarship donor and ratified by the School's Board of Trustees.

First year students are not usually eligible to receive scholarships. Cases of hardship where a scholarship is required should be discussed with the interview panel at the time of auditioning.  

External Scholarships

There are many other externally administered scholarships available in New Zealand to applicants from major universities and tertiary training institutions.

NZSD students have received external scholarships from the Christchurch Dance Education Bursary Trust and Hawkes Bay Ballet and Dance Inc.


For more information on scholarships please email Development Officer Elizabeth Isaacs or phone 04 381 9224