Miniatures (Auckland)

11 October 2016

Miniatures explores the beauty associated with the small things in life, and the constraints and boundaries we bind our lives with.

Dancers from the New Zealand School of Dance move gracefully through an intricately designed and precarious world of boxes, cabinets and pedestals – in a high energy performance that is rich with imagery and invention.

Miniatures was first performed to acclaim in 2004 and later toured New Zealand. Designed and created by Malia Johnston with music by Eden Mulholland, Miniatures has been re-worked with 2016 students from the New Zealand School of Dance. They have re-investigated the same provocations as the original cast, bringing their own movement research and interpretations to the ideas.

Presented for Tempo dance festival Auckland by Malia Johnston and the New Zealand School of Dance

"The NZSD dancers are limber and lithe, technically proficient. As performers they are impressive, each presenting a unique physical identity through a clear ‘look' but also through the movement vocabularies they have created..." - Theatreview

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