Aspirational Programmes

Scholars and Associates programmes

These programmes provide the best foundation on the path to becoming a professional dancer and for students aspiring to train full-time at the New Zealand School of Dance.

Students are chosen by audition, ensuring those with aptitude can take class with similarly talented dancers. Classes complement the student's current dance training while providing first-hand experience of the School's teachers, training style and facilities.

Scholars (from 10 yrs)

Associates (13 - 16 yrs)

Message from the Director

The New Zealand School of Dance has an illustrious history, a reputation for excellence and a tradition of supporting young dancers with potential.

The School is well known in New Zealand as the tertiary institution of choice for dancers wishing to train full-time towards a career in ballet or contemporary dance. Sharing the School's expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to help develop younger dancers and enhance the work of the broader dance community is also one of our primary goals.

We are always considering new initiatives, or improving existing ones, to enable more young dancers and teachers from the length and breadth of New Zealand to benefit.

GARRY TRINDER Director New Zealand School of Dance  

Levels of the NZSD Aspirational Programmes

School Yr Age Scholars Associates
Year 6 10/11 years NZSD Scholar Level 1  
Year 7 11/12 years NZSD Scholar Level 2  
Year 8 12/13 years NZSD Scholar Level 3  
Year 9 13/14 years NZSD Scholar Level 4 NZSD Junior Associate Classical Major
Year 9 13/14 years   NZSD Junior Associate Contemporary Major
Year 10 14/15 years NZSD Scholar Level 5 NZSD Intermediate Associate Classical Major
Year 10 14/15 years   NZSD Intermediate Associate Contemporary Major
Year 11 15/16 years NZSD Scholar Level 6 NZSD Senior Associate Classical Major
Year 11 15/16 years   NZSD Senior Associate Contemporary Major
Year 12 16/17 years   NZSD Senior Associate Contemporary Major (if granted)
At the completion of Scholars Level 6 and/or Senior Associates, and having completed Level 1 NCEA, it is expected students will audition for full-time training at NZSD.